Welcome to our Weblog experiment that introduces Michael Huber Architects to the Social Media world.  We are an innovative architectural firm located in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area. Join us as we learn how to post, tweet and video-blog while discussing our thoughts on design and related topics.  We invite everyone to participate in the process by viewing, reading and commenting.


The Carpenter Architect

Many of you know that occasionally I build some furniture or specialty pieces for my clients and their projects. This is a fun, hands-on way to get my creative juices flowing. Drawing ideas on paper or via a computer is great but learning and doing the actual fabrication gives you an appreciation of the work and time involved in fabricating those ideas.

Below is a video showing architect Frank Howarth building out a shelving system for his broom closet. He has a great way of explaining and showing the work. Take a look at his other videos too!


Steampunk Drafting Table

Carpenter Sean Headrick decided to build his own drafting table. Using baltic birch and misc. wood cutouts, gears, etc., Sean turned a utilitarian piece of furniture into a work of art. A scissor lift system raises and lowers the drafting surface. Over designed? Maybe, but still fun to see!


AudioPost #39 – Finish Carpentry

AudioPost #39 – Finish Carpentry

Tom-CarlsgaardToday we speak with Tom of Carlsgaard Finish Carpentry and learn about the icing on the cake for every project – the woodwork and trim. This work is instrumental in determining the character and feel for every project. Some of the items discussed include:

- The role of the finish carpenter in context with the overall project
- The types of work included
- Integration into the design or who comes up with the design
- Tools and equipment
- Favorite woods and projects

Feel free to contact Tom at 651-210-1661
or email him at tom.carlsgaard@att.net

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The Life of an Architecture Student

Are you interested in being an architect? This video documentary ‘Archiculture’ shows what Design Studio life is like on a college campus. I have to say… it is so accurate to may experience that I had knots in my stomach. On one hand I missed those times and on the other, man, I am glad that is over! The chaos, camaraderie and the finding of one’s own skill and design philosophy is shown in its raw glory. Frankly, I wish everyone would watch this documentary to gain an understanding of our chosen career…and passion.

Source: Arbuckle Industries


The Master Craftsmen

Mortise and tenon joints are known for being some of the most strong and stable for connecting two pieces of wood. It can also be a struggle doing it correctly! Watch these Japanese masters assemble this beam using traditional methods. They not only can put it together for a dry-fit, they can easily disassemble it. Beautiful.

Source: Core77


Cinemagraphs -Now get back to work…

With the start of a new year, I will begin by thanking all of you for letting me post a variety of things that I find interesting here on our weblog. Many of you know that I am a photography and videography enthusiast. This goes hand in hand with my architecture profession as a visual Read More…


The Bicycle Path

What happens when you combine art, high tech materials on a low tech pathway? Something pretty special. Dutch designer Daan Roosegaard recreated part of Van Gogh’s painting The Starry Night using luminescent paint on a bicycle path. The paint ‘charges’ during the day and then gently illuminates the kilometer long path at night. Not sure about the durability of riding and walking on a painted surface but I sure hope it holds up and will continue to transition into other projects.

Source: Dezeen


What goes into a Design?

Art Director and Motion Designer Matt Greenwood created this simple animation describing many elements that go into a design. I always liken the process to that of a puzzle. First we define the pieces, then we fit them together in a creative and complete way.

Elements of Design from matt greenwood on Vimeo.


Podcast #38 – Fall Mechanical Advice

MGH_20141017_0003eToday we speak all things mechanical with Mike from Anderson Heating. Winter is just around the corner so we bounced around on a few topics – some of which included:

-What do we need to do to our mechanical systems to prepare for winter?
-What are the different types of systems and their efficiencies?
-How do you begin to evaluate a mechanical system for a new project?
-How do energy codes affect your mechanical strategies?
-What types of rebate programs are out there?

You can contact Anderson Heating at 715-549-6297 if you have more questions. Serving the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin areas.

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Barn Raising – Timelapse

Scott Miller received permission from this Amish community to document a traditional barn raising. He took one photo every 20 seconds via a timer remote on his camera totaling 1600 images. Scott photographed from 7 AM to 5 PM. Even with a lunch break, the amount of work completed over this 10 hour period is amazing!


I was a Judge!

I was asked to be one of the judges for the Minnesota Concrete and Masonry Contractors Association Awards. I had done this about 5 years ago and it was a blast to do it again. There were 14 architects and then 14 representatives from the masonry and concrete industry who were our guides. We split up into groups to cover more ground. I judged everything from new construction to restoration, residential to commercial. Unfortunately… I was having so much fun that I often forgot to film! So, this is just a small snippet of what was a full day for judging projects.

I’m a Judge! from michael huber architects on Vimeo.


Bald Eagle Lake Residence

A new video is up on our ‘Projects’ page! What fun Clients and a fabulous project. There was also a great team of people that worked on this home and took great care in understanding the vision and then creating it. There is a further description on the projects page.

Bald Eagle Lake Residence from michael huber architects on Vimeo.

Other team members include: Matt Glewwe (michael huber architects), Contractor: Cates Fine Homes, Interiors Consultant: Elaine Grossman, Landscape Design/Construction: Brandi Hines & Yardmasters Landscapes