Welcome to our Weblog experiment that introduces Michael Huber Architects to the Social Media world.  We are an innovative architectural firm located in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area. Join us as we learn how to post, tweet and video-blog while discussing our thoughts on design and related topics.  We invite everyone to participate in the process by viewing, reading and commenting.


Carriage House – Part 2

Under construction! After COVID and other delays, the carriage house is shaping up. Check out the progress!


Pike Lake Cabin – Part Two

I wanted to do a quick video showing a basic interior model that helps the Owner (and us!) understand the spaces and volumes. Take a look!


Day and Night – Part 2

Getting closer to completion! Light fixtures and kitchen appliances are being installed. We are a little over a month away before the Owners move in. Check it out!


Otchipwe Residence – Part Three

After a brief summer pause, we are back digging in to the fun project. Take a look!


Night and Day House 1

We have a residential project under construction in a unique development called White Oak Savanna. I don’t believe we did any videos during the design process (sorry!) but thought I would share a video of a quick site visit from the other day!


Small Office Bldg Project

We are finally starting to see some commercial projects get on the boards. This one will be fun and has its own unique challenges. Take a look!


Pine Lake Cabin Completed!

The Owner is still getting settled but I went out and did a final walk-though of this fun project. Take a look!


Pike Lake Cabin – Part One

New Project! The Clients want to remove a small existing cabin (that is not in great condition) and build a new and larger cabin that suits their family. And they may want to have it listed as a VRBO to rent out part time – interesting! Take a look!


Site Visit and a Facelift!

Impromptu site visit at a unique project for us and went to photograph a home that was transformed by changing the siding. Take a look!


Entrance Station Complete & More!

Doing a final walk-through of the Homestead Park Entrance Station to make sure the Owner can officially move in! And we look at another upcoming park project!


Otchipwe Residence – Part Two

Here is a quick project video update! The design process continues with refinements and various studies. I think we are getting close to a plan layout everyone likes. Now we want to begin the exterior discussions.


Park Entrance Station

Today I visited a project that is wrapping up. This is a park entrance station and I needed to review a pay application from the general contractor. With the weather warming up, the hope is to be completely finished in the next month or so.