Welcome to our Weblog experiment that introduces Michael Huber Architects to the Social Media world.  We are an innovative architectural firm located in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area. Join us as we learn how to post, tweet and video-blog while discussing our thoughts on design and related topics.  We invite everyone to participate in the process by viewing, reading and commenting.


Something Different

A former client saw some of my aerial photos and videos on my Instagram page – @mhuberarchitect. (Feel free to follow!) My other creative outlet is photography and I am an FAA Certified UAV Pilot. Ramsey Washington Watershed District wanted to document some work they completed at historic Keller Golf Course. I charged up the quadcopter batteries and met up with Seth. Take a look!


Residential Master Plan – Phase One Complete!

The initial phases of this residential remodel are complete! I took a final tour and filmed and photographed a bit to show here. General Contractor Cates Fine Homes did a great job! Take a look!


Stillwater Residence – Part 7

I was running some errands with my daughters and happened to be near this project. They wanted to see it so here is a little video of our visit.


Final Walk-Thru

Here is a quick video of a small park project where we do a final walk-thru with the owner and contractor to make sure everything is completed. It’s always fun to see a project be turned over to the owner!


Stillwater Residence – Part 6

Work is progressing inside and out! We are close to start getting more finishes in place. We need the weather to cooperate for the final push!


Historic Redo – Part 2

Here’s a quick update on the historic ‘remodel’ of a residential project in Stillwater, Minnesota. We are beginning the construction drawings and the design has evolved slightly as we learn more about the city’s flexibility and details are flushed out. Check it out!


Stillwater Residence – Part 5

The interior and exterior work is progressing! I unfortunately lost a few clips due to operator error… And I am sure they were the best ones! Thanks for watching and following along!


Stillwater Residence- Part 4

The progress continues! The home is enclosed and I stop by to take a look!


Water Quality Education & History Center

New fun project! At least through the concept stage… Hopefully the community will see the value and it moves forward into reality. Take a look!


Stillwater Residence – Part Three

Finally a day where it isn’t filled with freezing temperatures or rain! I took advantage and visited a few project sites. Take a look!


Residential Master Plan – Part 7

It’s getting closer to completion! One month from now the Owner will be in and enjoying the newly remodeled home. Take a look at the progress!


Historic Redo – Part 1

This is a unique project… The Owners purchased a historic home that is beyond repair. The city is requiring them to replace the structure to match the original. They can then expand the home and remodel the interior. This project is ‘business in the front and party in the back’. Take a look and watch till the end – will be fun when completed!