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Residence Master Plan – Part 3

Phase One is underway! The existing garage has been removed and the kitchen, dining and living room areas have been demolished. Framing has started with our fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate!


Project Update – Afton Home 3

I did a quick site visit to a new home we have under construction. The home is framed and windows were being installed. It’s always fun to watch a design become reality.


Residence Master Plan – Part 2

Here is an update of a residential master plan we are working on. We generated a number of options – both interior and exterior. Since the work is going to be phased, we need to create a design that can be implemented in pieces. Take a look!


Hudson Remodel Part IX – Completed!

I finally got the opportunity to visit and photograph the completed project. You can scroll back through the archives to see this project develop from design through construction.


Project Update -Bald Eagle Lake

Here is another update of a fun residential project we are working on. Things are moving fast because winter is coming and the contractor wants to get it enclosed. Take a look!


Project Update -Bald Eagle Lake

Project Update -Bald Eagle Lake

We are having fun with this project! An overall plan and design direction is set but the main discussion over the past month related to the roof form. The flat roof was out of the running early. The Owner’s had always desired an offset barrel roof but the shed roof was intriguing as well. Each had their pros and cons as it related to the interior and exterior function, aesthetic and costs. After much discussion and many sketches, the Owners decided to stay with their original desire for the offset barrel.

We are now working on the folding in the details, including the finishes and textures. Be sure to check previous posts to see how this project began! Click on the images below to enlarge.

Contractor: Cates Fine Homes