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Project Update: Margaret Park

Margaret Park is an urban park in St Paul, Minnesota. I was asked by the City of St Paul Parks and Recreation to participate in community meetings to help redevelop the park which needed some enhancements. Below is a video of my final walk through of a small toilet room building we designed.


Podcast #34 -Landscaping

Podcast #34 -Landscaping

Today we speak with Chris Matson from Environmental Landscape Management, Inc. A few questions discussed include:

-What is your approach and philosophy to landscape design?
-Walk me through the process of working on a landscape project.
-Are you seeing trends to a more ‘natural’ landscape vs traditional or formal?
-How do you integrate the design/plant selections with the site and architecture?

Feel free to contact Chris at 715-386-7100
or email him at

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Twin Cities Remodel -Part 1

This is Part 1 of a series where we take a 1920’s era house and transform it into modern and fresh home for an old friend… not that we are old! Follow along (subscribe!) as we face many design, budget and construction decisions as well as navigate through the process of remodeling in an urban setting.


Project Update -Bald Eagle Lake

Project Update -Bald Eagle Lake

We are in the final design stretch! The details need to be refined, actual materials selected and, most importantly, make sure we are on track with the budget. The preliminary drawings are out for pricing and we hope to move forward so construction can start right away in the spring. Click on the images to see some of the interior concepts.


DIY Design -Table Lamp

DIY Design -Table Lamp

Not finding economical (and cool) bedside table lamps, I decided to build my own. I used miscellaneous pieces of aluminum angle, steel, brass/steel rods and my favorite -a truss plate, to make the basic fixture. I then picked up some electrical components including a 15 watt bulb and that’s it! Click on the images to enlarge.