Road Trip

I took a little road trip to assess some future projects. It was a beautiful day to take a drive!


Otchipwe Residence – Part One

New project! The Owners have a young family and are looking to build a smaller, eco-friendly home with a modern edge. We are just beginning the process and I hope you all follow along!


Historic ReDo – Part 7

Final interior walk-through! There is still work to be done on the exterior but it was nice to see the Client getting ready to move in. Fun project for some fun people. Take a look!


Carriage House – Part One

A past Client asked us to design a little carriage house that could attach to their charming historic home. In this video I try to summarize the design thoughts and process. The project is out for bids so hopefully we will be able to follow along with the construction!


Historic Redo Part 6

Quick site visit to a residential project that is under construction. Take a look!


Pine Lake Cabin – 4

Post lockup site visit! It was nice to get out and see the progress on this cabin project. Both interior and exterior work is getting done with the end in sight. Take a look!


A Quick Hello

Here is a brief update on what is happening in our little world. I hope everyone is safe, healthy and keeping positive!


Pine Lake Cabin – Three

Made a site visit to check out the progress! A bit muddy as the weather warms up but I’ll take the sunny days!


Historic ReDo – Part 5

Wanted to stop in and see the progress on the mid-century modern portion of this new home. Looks great!


Historic Redo – Part 4

Framing is underway! And I take a tour of the ‘carriage house’ with the Owner/Contractor. Take a look!


Historic ReDo – Part 3

I was out running some errands and stopped in at a project site. Great to see the concrete foundations are in. Took a quick video of the status. Stay tuned for more!