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Residence Master Plan – Part 2

Here is an update of a residential master plan we are working on. We generated a number of options – both interior and exterior. Since the work is going to be phased, we need to create a design that can be implemented in pieces. Take a look!


Hudson Remodel Part IX – Completed!

I finally got the opportunity to visit and photograph the completed project. You can scroll back through the archives to see this project develop from design through construction.


Screened Porch is done!

Actually… it’s been done for a while but we have been (fortunately) too busy to show the final result!

Screened Porch is Done! from michael huber architects on Vimeo.


Screened Porch Part 6

Is this porch ever going to get done?! Well… it is and I am behind on my post updates. There will be one more after this one showing the final result in its full glory this Spring. In this video we install the screening and do some patching around the new door. Take a look!

Screened Porch 6 from michael huber architects on Vimeo.


Screened Porch Part 5

The building of our own screened porch is getting close to completion. We installed this slick screen system that any do-it-your-selfer can handle. Check it out!

Screened Porch Part 5 from michael huber architects on Vimeo.


Screened Porch Part 3

Yes I know I am mixing my numbers and roman numerals in all of my recent video titles… Just wanted to see if you were paying attention! Today we survey the damage and start the floor framing.

Screened Porch Part 3 from michael huber architects on Vimeo.


Screened Porch Part II

Another quick update of a project in our own backyard – literally!