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The White Roof Project

A simple idea turned into a non-profit organization dedicated to make a difference in urban environments. We are using ‘white roofing’ more and more as people become educated to the energy and financial impact not only for the building itself but to its surroundings as well. Learn more at The White Roof Project.


The Future Tech House

The layering of technology in our homes is inevitable and already occurring at an accelerated rate. We built our home only 8 years ago and some technologies I had anticipated have been passed up by others. Who knows were we will be in another 8 years? This video from Openarch takes a stab at that vision. Some fun (and silly) ideas ensue. Enjoy!

Openarch || FILM from Openarch on Vimeo.


Bottled Water or the Old Fashioned Way?

I personally don’t get it… We are so fortunate to have clean water delivered right to several rooms in our homes and even to ports on the exterior, but still we pay extra and use resources for ‘better’ water. Is it really better -and what truly is the impact of our choices? Check out this video by ‘The Story of Stuff‘ that breaks down the debate.