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Residential Master Plan – Phase One Complete!

The initial phases of this residential remodel are complete! I took a final tour and filmed and photographed a bit to show here. General Contractor Cates Fine Homes did a great job! Take a look!


Stillwater Residence – Part 6

Work is progressing inside and out! We are close to start getting more finishes in place. We need the weather to cooperate for the final push!


Project Update – Afton Home 2

The process continues! We start to refine the floor plans and begin looking at the exterior and interior concepts.
And, I thought I looked good in anything but I was reprimanded by my wife for wearing an old sweatshirt and mismatched teal t-shirt. I guess I should be grateful that she actually still looks at me!


Completed Project – Basement Remodel

Some friends of ours asked if we could come up with a concept to finish off their lower level. Its primary purpose would be for overflow entertaining and a place where the kids could hang out. We came up with some ideas and some basic drawings and they took it from there. I wanted to drop in and see how it turned out. Take a look!


Hudson Remodel Part IX – Completed!

I finally got the opportunity to visit and photograph the completed project. You can scroll back through the archives to see this project develop from design through construction.


Custom Sliding Door -Part 2

Today we install this custom sliding door! A steel frame is sandwiched with etched colored glass. Jim our client (he and his wife are the nicest people by the way!) builds recumbent bicycles and helped with the system to fasten the glass. It was scary assembling the door but I think it turned out great! Take a look.


Project Update -Testing Facility

Getting close to finishing construction of a large testing facility. I had my handy GoPro with me and thought I would try it out and show a quick project walk-through. It is always fun to see a project come together!

Project Update – Testing Facility from michael huber architects on Vimeo.


Project Update -Bald Eagle Lake 5

The interior is getting closer to being finished! Still a lot of exterior work left but Spring is around the corner…hopefully. Matt and I stopped by the project site to check in and filmed a bit of the progress. Take a look!


Project Update -Bald Eagle Lake

Project Update -Bald Eagle Lake

We are in the final design stretch! The details need to be refined, actual materials selected and, most importantly, make sure we are on track with the budget. The preliminary drawings are out for pricing and we hope to move forward so construction can start right away in the spring. Click on the images to see some of the interior concepts.