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The Art of Drawing

I’ll admit it. The one thing I could never do very well is draw people. Buildings, landscapes, no problem -but people… not so much. I don’t know if the human form is too complex or intimidating for me to capture so I am always amazed when someone can make it look easy. Take a look at this video of Dave de Leeuw making me envious.


3.2 Million Dots

Wow! 210 hours of talent in this video of an artist creating a drawing using only quick taps from ONE pen. He uses one of the pens I listed as my favorite in this video. Inspiring… and humbling with his patience and vision.
Source: Miguel Endara


My Favorite Pens

After years of trial and error I have finally settled on a handful of pens that are my favorites. Take a look at the video and below are the links to the specific ones I discuss.

Pentel EnerGel
Pilot Varsity
Pigma Micron
Pilot Bravo