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Punchlist time!

The RCU Discovery Center is almost done! The design team needs to do a final walk-through before the Owner moves in.

RCU Discovery Center Punchlist from michael huber architects on Vimeo.


Project Update: RCU Discovery Center

Even though we have had highs in the below 0 degree range, the RCU Discovery Center at YMCA Camp St Croix moves forward! I feel for the crew as it is hard enough for me to have site meetings in a semi-heated construction trailer! The video below shows the progress. Keep checking back for more updates!

RCU Discovery Center 16-0120 from michael huber architects on Vimeo.


Podcast #34 -Landscaping

Podcast #34 -Landscaping

Today we speak with Chris Matson from Environmental Landscape Management, Inc. A few questions discussed include:

-What is your approach and philosophy to landscape design?
-Walk me through the process of working on a landscape project.
-Are you seeing trends to a more ‘natural’ landscape vs traditional or formal?
-How do you integrate the design/plant selections with the site and architecture?

Feel free to contact Chris at 715-386-7100
or email him at

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DIY Design -Table Lamp

DIY Design -Table Lamp

Not finding economical (and cool) bedside table lamps, I decided to build my own. I used miscellaneous pieces of aluminum angle, steel, brass/steel rods and my favorite -a truss plate, to make the basic fixture. I then picked up some electrical components including a 15 watt bulb and that’s it! Click on the images to enlarge.