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The Voice Array

Wow -this may bug the heck out of your eyes but I think the thought that went into it is pretty cool. You say something that then is heard alone and then with everyone who went before you. The sound is also transmitted as an LED flash on a wall. Check it out.

“Voice Array” at MCA Sydney (2011) by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer from bitforms gallery on Vimeo.

Source: Lozano-Hemmer


3D… or is it?

Is this a flat plane or a hole into a different realm? You know how I love to share videos of things I think are cool. This is one of those. Projecting video presentations on whiteboards is nothing new but…take a look!


Incredible FLW Falling Water Animation

This is really cool! Living in the Midwest, I have been fortunate to see many projects by Frank Lloyd Wright but not Falling Water. This amazing animation by Eterea Studios makes you feel like you are there. It also extrudes the home from the ground up- giving you a glimpse of how it is set in the landscape. Well worth taking a look!

Fallingwater from Cristóbal Vila on Vimeo.


Eat your heart out Partridge Family

Am I dating myself? When I was young, (younger), The Partridge Family was a big television show and toured around in an old school bus as a family band. I used to do all kinds of doodles on remodeling that bus into a more comfortable space. Here is a story of an architecture student that took it a step further and actually did a build out. Ah the memories…

Follow Hank’s journey HERE. Fun!


8 One-minute Design Projects

Common items used in unique ways – fun!


Architectural Timelapse

If you haven’t seen this, please take a look. The video is called ‘NightVision’ and highlights a diverse grouping of architecture from around the world. The project began through Kickstarter and received additional support from the American University of Paris.

NIGHTVISION from Luke Shepard on Vimeo.


Tape Recorders – literally

Not what you think! This cool exhibit uses tape measures to document time -time visitors stand in front of portions of the exhibit. Maybe if they used the ‘Big Max’ tape measure they wouldn’t crash so quickly. Check this out!

“Tape Recorders” – MCA Sydney (2011) by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer from bitforms gallery on Vimeo.

Source: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer


Container Home

Cool design using shipping containers but what I really like is the animation by Amin Alwi. The context shown enhances the design experience. Relaxing and mesmerizing to watch. Presentation is important!

Container Home 2013 from Amin Alwi on Vimeo.


The Angles Mirror – What?

If I only had this in my dorm room… Built from plastic spokes, motors, a video camera and some custom software, this moving sculpture is mesmerizing to watch and does some real amazing things. Wait until you get to the to the 1:30 mark. Awesome.

“Angles Mirror” (2013) by Daniel Rozin from bitforms gallery on Vimeo.

Artist: Daniel Rozin


The Cardboard Pavilion

Architects Miguil Arraiz Garcia and David Moreno Terron designed and assembled this cardboard pavilion for the ‘Fallas’ festival in Spain. 3000 hexagonal boxes were glued and filled with earth to help anchor it to the plaza. The fear I had for it is shown at the end of the video… but on purpose. Fun, sculptural study. Take a look.

A battle is raging even though you donĀ“t know from Noel Arraiz on Vimeo.


Custom Sliding Door -Part 2

Today we install this custom sliding door! A steel frame is sandwiched with etched colored glass. Jim our client (he and his wife are the nicest people by the way!) builds recumbent bicycles and helped with the system to fasten the glass. It was scary assembling the door but I think it turned out great! Take a look.


Kinetic Furniture 2

Some of these are pretty cool. Love the thought process and ingenuity that people have with some of these designs. Really cool table at the 55 second mark.

Source: Ask4Solutions