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Project Update: Transit Modernization 2

We are under construction! The bulk of the demolition is complete and the framing of the updated facility is underway. Here is a little video of the progress.


Residence Master Plan – Part 2

Here is an update of a residential master plan we are working on. We generated a number of options – both interior and exterior. Since the work is going to be phased, we need to create a design that can be implemented in pieces. Take a look!


Project Update – Utility Building 1

This is kind of an unusual project for us. It is a small utility building but we were brought on board because they needed it to have a ‘park-like’ aesthetic. The building is on park property in a residential area so a standard metal building wouldn’t be acceptable. Here is quick video of a recent site visit.


Residence Master Plan – Part 1

New project! The client purchased a home that needs a little love… The location is stunning – overlooking the St Croix River. Being on the river, there are a number of agencies that will be overseeing the remodeling process and outcome. We will begin by developing an overall master plan that will illustrate the ultimate transformation for the approval from these agencies. The client will then phase the construction over time as budget allows. We began by documenting the existing to give us base drawings to work from. Should be fun!


Waxing Concrete

Here’s a quick video of how I finished our concrete floor with no sealer!


Project Update – Afton Home 2

The process continues! We start to refine the floor plans and begin looking at the exterior and interior concepts.
And, I thought I looked good in anything but I was reprimanded by my wife for wearing an old sweatshirt and mismatched teal t-shirt. I guess I should be grateful that she actually still looks at me!


Project Update – Afton Home 1

Hey everyone! I wanted to fill you in on a new residential project we have on the boards. The Clients are looking for a simple, modern home with a fairly defined program. We need to work within their budget (obviously) and be efficient in terms of design and square footage. The property is wooded and rolling – beautiful! The video shows the start of this project and was filmed early on a Saturday morning as you can tell I am not quite awake! Oh well…