We love taking something that was meant for one purpose and then finding another creative and unique use for that object, material or ‘thing-a-mabobber’.  We try to layer physical transformations with meaning to reinforce the design of the overall project.  One example below is using corks for a bar stool – you might drink wine while sitting on a bar stool…

Discarded Cement Sacks into a chair.

Taking paper mache to a new level.  The sacks are coated in paste and layered over a plastic lawn chair.  Once dry, the ‘Sack Chair’ is slid off the form – ready for the next one.

Finished with that bottle of wine? Save the cork!

1200 corks are placed in mesh to create a stool cushion.  It might take 10 years to for me to make one of these ‘Cork Barstools’.

Don’t know what to do with that old stove? How about turning it into a ‘Stove Lounge Chair’.

Remove a some screws and panels, add a few cushions and you have made a real ‘hot seat’!

Written by Michael Huber AIA LEED AP
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