In this AudioPost we speak with Jay Wiederholt, President of Passive House Alliance Minnesota.  Jay and I met at a lecture discussing the philosophy and implementation of Passive House design.  I was excited to sit down and ask a few general questions explaining Passive House.  Some questions included:

-Summarize ‘What is Passive House?’

-How/where did this idea start?

-Explain a few specifics that are critical to the philosophy.

-What things do people need to be aware of if they are interested in this type of project?

-Is there special training or documentation needed to have an ‘official’ Passive House?

-Always the tough question of costs and paybacks.

-How is this different from LEED?

(sorry for the occasional electronic interference noise!)
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For more information see Passive House Institute United States, Passive House Institute, National Advocacy Group and the International Advocacy Group.

Below are some links to other examples that I recently came across. I am sure we will be seeing more and soon.

One of the first –Saskatchewan Conservation House 1977, new in New York and the Delta Tower in Australia

Written by Michael Huber AIA LEED AP
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