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An Award!

One of our projects won a very nice award!


The Life of an Architecture Student

Are you interested in being an architect? This video documentary ‘Archiculture’ shows what Design Studio life is like on a college campus. I have to say… it is so accurate to my experience that I had knots in my stomach. On one hand I missed those times and on the other, man, I am glad that is over! The chaos, camaraderie and the finding of one’s own skill and design philosophy is shown in its raw glory. Frankly, I wish everyone would watch this documentary to gain an understanding of our chosen career…and passion.

Source: Arbuckle Industries


The Master Craftsmen

Mortise and tenon joints are known for being some of the most strong and stable for connecting two pieces of wood. It can also be a struggle doing it correctly! Watch these Japanese masters assemble this beam using traditional methods. They not only can put it together for a dry-fit, they can easily disassemble it. Beautiful.

Source: Core77


What goes into a Design?

Art Director and Motion Designer Matt Greenwood created this simple animation describing many elements that go into a design. I always liken the process to that of a puzzle. First we define the pieces, then we fit them together in a creative and complete way.

Elements of Design from matt greenwood on Vimeo.


Sculptural Retail Space using 4×4’s!

Sunny-HillsDesigned in the shape of a bamboo basket, this pineapple cake shop located in Tokyo, Japan is intricately beautiful. Located in a residential area, the architect used a traditional Japanese joint system call ‘Jiigoku-Gumi’ to create the structure. Take a look!

Source: Kengo Kuma and Associates


Organic Modern Desert Home

I think the title says it all. This home by architect Ken Kellogg AIA is located in Joshua Tree, California. It’s protective shell-like exterior leads way to some very cool interior detailing. Those are what I find the most interesting about this home. The video production also is well done. I like the interior timelapse showing light moving through the spaces. I am going to have to do that on my own projects!



Flat Pack Timelapse

Jean Prouve designed this (and other) flat-pack houses in the 1940’s. The Maison Demontable was intended to be used in French colonies in Africa. Only 3 were built – this one survived and even today still can be assembled as intended. I love the center structural element. Take a look!

Source: core77


Incredible FLW Falling Water Animation

This is really cool! Living in the Midwest, I have been fortunate to see many projects by Frank Lloyd Wright but not Falling Water. This amazing animation by Eterea Studios makes you feel like you are there. It also extrudes the home from the ground up- giving you a glimpse of how it is set in the landscape. Well worth taking a look!

Fallingwater from Cristóbal Vila on Vimeo.


Architectural Timelapse

If you haven’t seen this, please take a look. The video is called ‘NightVision’ and highlights a diverse grouping of architecture from around the world. The project began through Kickstarter and received additional support from the American University of Paris.

NIGHTVISION from Luke Shepard on Vimeo.


The Pallet Cabin

Solabode is “a company dedicated to the development and promotion of experimental building design for human occupation and use.” These guys are having fun trying out many different materials and ideas in shaping shelter. The video below shows them using wood pallets and other salvaged material to create a small, one-room cabin.

Building with Pallets from RKF on Vimeo.


Detail Oriented?

When getting dressed in the morning I make sure my clothes are clean and that my belt matches my shoes (generally). The whole ensemble is decided in a matter of seconds. I just don’t have the patience or desire to dedicate more time then that on silly things… Hmmm…

Why not spend that time studying, for sometimes hours, how a stair railing engages the stair? Or detailing over and over transitions of various materials to help define emotion, color, light, -leading from one space to the next? These are the important things! At least to us architects. Nothing is arbitrary in design. It is an intense internal study that then explodes out to create, in essence, functional art.

Take a simple box for example. How would you get access to it’s inside? Most of you might just take the top off right? To us, it can be so much more…

Position Piece 1: Door Handle from Lisa Hunter on Vimeo.

Position Piece 1 – The process from Lisa Hunter on Vimeo.


The Junk King

One man’s trash is truly another man’s treasure in this video by Evan Burns. ‘Collector’ Vince Hannemann spent years building his Cathedral of Junk in Austin, Texas. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and I think it is beautiful and amazing. Take a look and let me know what you think.

The Junk King from Evan Burns on Vimeo.