When getting dressed in the morning I make sure my clothes are clean and that my belt matches my shoes (generally). The whole ensemble is decided in a matter of seconds. I just don’t have the patience or desire to dedicate more time then that on silly things… Hmmm…

Why not spend that time studying, for sometimes hours, how a stair railing engages the stair? Or detailing over and over transitions of various materials to help define emotion, color, light, -leading from one space to the next? These are the important things! At least to us architects. Nothing is arbitrary in design. It is an intense internal study that then explodes out to create, in essence, functional art.

Take a simple box for example. How would you get access to it’s inside? Most of you might just take the top off right? To us, it can be so much more…

Position Piece 1: Door Handle from Lisa Hunter on Vimeo.

Position Piece 1 – The process from Lisa Hunter on Vimeo.

Written by Michael Huber AIA LEED AP
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