Water Quality Education & History Center

New fun project! At least through the concept stage… Hopefully the community will see the value and it moves forward into reality. Take a look!


Stillwater Residence – Part Three

Finally a day where it isn’t filled with freezing temperatures or rain! I took advantage and visited a few project sites. Take a look!


Residential Master Plan – Part 7

It’s getting closer to completion! One month from now the Owner will be in and enjoying the newly remodeled home. Take a look at the progress!


Historic Redo – Part 1

This is a unique project… The Owners purchased a historic home that is beyond repair. The city is requiring them to replace the structure to match the original. They can then expand the home and remodel the interior. This project is ‘business in the front and party in the back’. Take a look and watch till the end – will be fun when completed!


Residential Master Plan – Part 6

The progress continues. From exterior concrete to interior trim. Still about 3 months away from completion but it’s getting there.


Residential Master Plan – Part 5

Stopped by to check out the progress. Looks like things are moving along on the exterior and interior. Take a look at the video to see what’s happening!


Stillwater Residence – Part Two

Today we look at some of the interior design on this project. These studies are meant to be gestures and not necessarily the final design. We have found using these visuals is as helpful to us as we develop them as to the client -providing them something to react to. Thanks for watching!


Residence Master Plan 4

I stopped by a residential project we have underway. This was a remodeling where we developed a master plan with work that can be phased. Feel free to look at past videos on this project for that process. The framing is almost complete and you can start to get a sense of the massing and scale – both on the exterior and interior. Check out the video!



Stillwater Residence – Part One

New project! In this video we take a look at the early design process. I typically do the early plan drawings by hand. This allows me to really think as I put pen to paper and not worry about making mistakes or testing ideas. We also begin to look at the exterior massing including window placement, textures and colors. Take a look!


Residence Master Plan – Part 3

Phase One is underway! The existing garage has been removed and the kitchen, dining and living room areas have been demolished. Framing has started with our fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate!


Project Update: Transit Modernization 3

Complete…almost. We drove down to South Dakota to do a final walk-thru (punchlist) of the transit facility. It was cold and windy – as you will hear unfortunately in the video. The contractor was still installing some metal panels and other odds and ends so it was hard to generate a complete list of items to be corrected prior to the grand opening. Overall, I think it is looking pretty good and the client is happy. Can’t ask for much more then that! Take a look!


Project Update – Afton Home 4

Stopped by one of our residential projects to see how things were going. Good to see the painting crew that painted my house. Nice guys and they do a great job.