Time to wrap up another project. This is always a great time -seeing the final product of a lot of efforts come together. It also feels like you are sending a child off on their own. The day to day contact, the teaching/learning, and the relationships with everyone involved now changes. You have to trust that success will continue and that you have done all you could to give the client and building a bright, happy future.

This ‘final’ stage of the project involves walking through the facility with the Owner, members of the Design Team and the Contractor to develop what is called a ‘Punchlist’. These are items that still need to be completed or items to repair. Usually (hopefully) the extent of work is paint touch-ups and installing a few missing ceiling tile. Closing out his project was a bit more complicated because the Owner completed some of the work. We needed to make sure and clarify responsibility. In the end the list was small and the church will be officially ‘moving in’ by the end of the month. Thanks to everyone involved and especially the Riverview Baptist Church for allowing us to help realize your dream!

Written by Michael Huber AIA LEED AP
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