Our annual Fourth of July tradition led us to my parents place in beautiful Walker, Minnesota.  I instantly relax seeing the clear lake water, hearing the sound of the Loons and visiting the shops and events of  that quintessential small town.  All walks of life gather here.  Whether ‘a local’ or ‘a metro’, everyone is a citizen of Walker.  Besides the usual parade, fireworks, shopping…and garage sale signs stuck out everywhere, this Fourth of July, the town dedicated the ‘Circle of Time’.  The community had gathered together and commissioned 6 bronze sculptures dedicated to the history of the town.  They recognized that we all are quick to demolish the old in favor of the new.

With a backdrop of the County Museum, liquor store and Dairy Queen, Mayor Johnson stated that we need to ‘Look to the future while preserving the past’ and more sculptures will be added to the group as time marches on. A few more words by Reverend Olson and sculptor Joel Randell led to the unveiling -with the Foundation Chorale singing Battle Hymn of the Republic.  It doesn’t get much better then this!

The statues included: Early Man, Prehistoric Tribes, The Fur-Trader, The Lumberman, The Fisherman and The Family.  I told you, we ARE part of this community!

Written by Michael Huber AIA LEED AP
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