Welcome to our first official Podcast!  We know design and architecture but recording/interviewing?…Learning! It will take a while for us to find our groove so please stick with us and let us know your thoughts.   These are also available on iTunes -search for the title ‘Design & Other Fun Stuff’.

In this Audiopost, we speak with Associated Bank’s Residential Loan Officer Jason Stoll about construction loans.  Some of the topics include:

-What are the main things people need to be aware of when beginning a construction project as it relates to obtaining a loan?
-What information should the Clients bring to that initial meeting?
-How are the loan amounts determined and evaluated?
-How does the construction payment process work?
-What fees are associated with getting a loan?

Here is a mortgage calculator to plug in some ‘what ifs’. It is on the sidebar within the link.

You can reach Jason with additional questions at
Phone:  (715)-377-4132

Email: jason.stoll@associatedbank.com

Written by Michael Huber AIA LEED AP
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