Why hire an Architect? I could list all kinds of facts such as:

  • To become an Architect it takes 6 plus years of College, 3 plus years of Internship,  must complete a 7 part Registration Exam (typically 35% pass rate),  are required to have Annual Continuing Education focusing on Health, Safety & Welfare, Code/Zoning expertise, etc.
  • We are trained in understanding Integrated Systems, Scale, Color, Proportion, Materials and Constructability

Or appeal to the financial benefits:

  • Quality design can increase staff productivity, minimize utility usage and strengthen a corporate identity. On the residential side, a home’s value can increase by up to 50% -all things equal to a typical spec-built house.   When selling, Realtors will market as ‘Architect Designed Home’ -knowing that implies something special
  • Architects know the efficiencies in selections of materials, structural and mechanical systems, electrical equipment/fixtures
  • We understand and can help streamline City/state requirement/processes

But I won’t discuss these and other facts…anymore…at least for now.

Every building project is a major and nerve racking commitment.  Not unlike other professionals such as an accountant who helps you manage your money or a doctor that aids in your wellbeing, an Architect assists you in making appropriate and advantageous decisions related to your construction project.  The physiological impact of the built environment in which we live and work helps to define our productivity let alone our happiness.  The simple choice of a paint color, materials, window size/placement, flow in and around the space will effect how you feel and function.

Our real ability lies in helping to interpret your goals and dreams into a project that exceeds your original vision. We understand site, planning, and construction issues.  We know the latest materials and finishes. We are artists and sculptors, puzzle and problem solvers.  We are mindful of the impact that design decisions can have on the project’s function, it’s environment and your pocketbook. Our value goes beyond drawing ‘pretty sketches’.   We will be your advocate and maximize your resources to far exceed what would have been done without teaming with an Architect.

Written by Michael Huber AIA LEED AP
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