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The Master Craftsmen

Mortise and tenon joints are known for being some of the most strong and stable for connecting two pieces of wood. It can also be a struggle doing it correctly! Watch these Japanese masters assemble this beam using traditional methods. They not only can put it together for a dry-fit, they can easily disassemble it. Beautiful.

Source: Core77


Cinemagraphs -Now get back to work…

With the start of a new year, I will begin by thanking all of you for letting me post a variety of things that I find interesting here on our weblog. Many of you know that I am a photography and videography enthusiast. This goes hand in hand with my architecture profession as a visual and creative medium that others can experience.

After some Holiday time off, most of us are slowly getting back into our routines. I thought it might be fun to share some cinemagraphs by a young and amazing photographer from France named Julein Douvier. Hopefully these mesmerizing ‘moving pictures’ will help you clear the cobwebs, get the creative juices flowing and gear up for a fantastic 2015… or you will waste an hour just staring at these…!