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Flash Mob -Deck the Halls

Tis the Season! Flash mob at my Alma Mater the good old University of Minnesota. We here at Michael Huber Architects wish you Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year!


3.2 Million Dots

Wow! 210 hours of talent in this video of an artist creating a drawing using only quick taps from ONE pen. He uses one of the pens I listed as my favorite in this video. Inspiring… and humbling with his patience and vision.
Source: Miguel Endara


Installing Plywood Flooring

During the weekly parties (well, maybe now and then) we hold at our house, people always ask about the plywood flooring. We have used plywood on several projects with great results. It is inexpensive and comes in a variety of species. We installed it ourselves and so can you! Here is a quick video of how we did it in our home.


My Favorite Pens

After years of trial and error I have finally settled on a handful of pens that are my favorites. Take a look at the video and below are the links to the specific ones I discuss.

Pentel EnerGel
Pilot Varsity
Pigma Micron
Pilot Bravo